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You haven’t seen beautiful until you’ve seen springtime in the Rockies, especially while hunting black bears! We hunt our bears over bait and spot & stalk. 98% of the bears we take are color phase (mostly brown and cinnamon). Tags for black bear are buy over the counter. The season runs from May 1st until mid June.

The preparation for a bear season for Non-Typical Outfitters begins long before our first bear hunter arrives. We pay attention to sign and tracks in the fall as well as taking summer trips into potential new bear areas to insure the highest possible success for each and every hunter. We also make a large effort to stay up to date on new and improved bear hunting and baiting techniques.

Bear hunting in western Wyoming allows for sightseeing and other adventures in addition to the hunt. Come prepared to experience the Bridger-Teton National Forest land as well as hunt bears.

Spring Black Bear

Shea Bess’ Confidence Building Experience

Confidence Building Mule Deer HuntIn 2015 my Dad called and told me that Non-Typical Outfitters in Western Wyoming, harvests some giant mule deer bucks. Before burning his points, he wanted to check them out. He scheduled a Spring Bear Hunt, and asked if I’d join him. I happily obliged.

We arrived, and met Robb Wiley, his wife Dr. Brenda, and their two little girls. After getting settled, we were off to verify the zero on his rifle. We chatted (more…)

A Clean Miss Can Be High Adventure

Ron's High AdventureTo hunt bears or not to hunt bears? That’s a question I’ve pondered for many years. I’ve backpacked and hunted the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges in my home state of Washington since I was a Boy Scout. After a handful of encounters in some very majestic places, bears took on a special, almost sacred significance to me. For many years I chose not to actively pursue bears and focused my efforts on deer, elk and turkeys. Up until then, that was my idea of high adventure. Then, during a 2015 spring (more…)

Spring Black Bear Hunt of 2014

Bear Hunting Season 2014In our 2014 spring black bear hunting season we took two bears that were 6 1/2 feet squared. One of them was black, which is rare in our area. We have not taken a bear that was black in color since 2008. Most of our bears are color phase. We had a rash of misses for 2013 including some that were bigger than the ones killed. We only had one hunter that did not have a legitimate shooting opportunity at a trophy bear. We located a super cruiser, giant, color phase bear (more…)

Spring Black Bear Hunt of 2013

Wyoming Black Bear 2013For Non-Typical Outfitters, 2013 was one of our best years to date for big, Wyoming black bear hunts. We took three giant color phase black bears that squared over 7 feet and had over 20 inch skulls. The biggest bear skull was 20 1/2 inches. We shot at another bear that had the potential to be even bigger, but we did not end up bringing him home. This is, hands down, as good as it gets for big, color phase black bear hunting. (more…)

Spring Black Bear Hunt of 2011

Spot & Stalk Black Bear HuntDuring our 2011 bear season we killed another super giant black bear on a spot & stalk hunt. He is 7 foot 8 inches squared and is the biggest bodied bear that we have taken to date; a tremendous Wyoming trophy to say the least. If you have any interest in doing a spot & stalk bear hunt, give a call or email us. This hunt is like a grizzly hunt without the cost or the flight to the north country. So far, we are 100% successful on our spot & stalk bear hunts. (more…)