Category: Rocky Mountain Elk

If you have always dreamed of harvesting a Rocky Mountain elk, or bettering the one that you already have, this is the hunt for you. We have a large resident herd of elk with a very high bull to cow ratio. Natural winter range and feed grounds are close by so we are not dependent on migration.

Rocky Mountain Elk

The terrain varies from rolling ridges of quaking aspen and pines to large north slope timber. All Rocky Mountain elk hunting is off of horses. We scout our area ahead of time and have many of our biggest bulls located prior to the season. For general season elk hunting, you will not find a better quality hunt. We have extremely high success and opportunity rates. This is high adventure, mountain, horseback hunting at its best in country that is clearly some of God’s finest handiwork. The season runs from October 1st through the end of the month.

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Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt of 2011

Bull Elk Season of 2011The 2011 elk season was a year of great opportunity. By day 4 of the first hunt we felt like we had been given opportunities at over 75 bulls. We harvested some great bulls this year, built some new friendships and continued to enjoy some old friendships as well. One of our long time return clients killed the biggest bull of his hunting career this year… congratulations Mark! (more…)

Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt of 2010

Elk Hunt 2010The Western Wyoming Elk Hunt of 2010 was a year that we had lots of bull elk found in the 280 to 320 class with a handful of bulls considerably larger. The early season was plagued with record breaking warm temperatures that greatly added to the challenge of the hunt. We were still able to take some quality animals and have lots of fun. We worked very hard for every opportunity. (more…)

Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt of 2009

Elk Hunt 2009The 2009 season was one of our best Rocky Mountain elk seasons as far as the quality of bulls harvested and opportunities given at bulls between 280 and 320. Our resident herd of elk is holding strong with a consistently high bull to cow ratio. We still have no wolves to threaten the herds. We are looking forward to an even better season in 2010. Please enjoy these photos from our Non-Typical Elk Hunt season of 2009. (more…)

Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt of 2008

Elk Hunt 2008During the Elk Hunt 2008 season we killed 15 bulls for 16 hunters. The weather conditions were less than perfect and there were many great bulls that survived. Please enjoy these photos from our Non-Typical Elk Hunt of 2008. (more…)