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Preseason scouting begins as early as November and does not end until September. It is extremely crucial to your success. Robb spends an extraordinary amount of time locating trophy animals, understanding migration routes, weather patterns, and building trails into new hunting areas in order to achieve success for your hunt. We hope you will enjoy our big game scouting galleries and articles below. If you want to plan your next hunt, let us know.

Scouting Wyoming Mule Deer

Reserve your hunting party space now, to ensure your big game success. See our Prices & Seasons page to schedule your hunt. We even schedule an Elk Bow Hunt for you archers. We also have the finest Shooting Classes in No. America. Scheduling early will give you the best chance at bagging your trophy. And check our Lodging & Accommodations to see the first class treatment our clients receive at Non-Typical Outfitters.

NTO Scouting Photos of August 2017

Non-Typical Outfitters Scouting Photos for AUG 2017

Here are scouting photos from August 2017 for you. Please do not share these pics via social media or email. We want to keep these scouting photos private, for our booked clients only. Pictures out in the general public can negatively impact your hunt. (more…)