Client Testimonials

These are some of the letters and emails sent to Non-Typical Outfitters, from our many satisfied clients. We would like to share them with you so that you could see our dedication to being the best outfitter and getting it right. If you are one of our clients and would like to have the thoughts of your experience shared here, please contact us. If you are encouraged by these testimonials, please spend a little more time on our site learning about what we do and how we can make your Wyoming hunt or Shooting Class a great experience too.

Shooting Class 2014

from Captain Joseph B. Ellis, United States Marine Corps

Robb and Brenda,

I want to thank you and your team at Non-Typical Outfitters for the excellence, knowledge and quality or the shooting course you put on this July. You went above and beyond in bringing in a group of shooters with varying levels of marksmanship and providing such a high quality training venue. The techniques wisdom and guidance I learned at your course are a game changer and took the marksmanship skills I learned in the Marine Corps to the next level. Your professionalism and dedication to your hunters is unparalleled. Thank you for the outstanding training and all-around enjoyable time. Semper Fidelis!

J. B. Ellis

Larry Partridge Testimonial:

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the shooting school. It surpassed every expectation I had. I was blown away by the expertise that you had available and Robb’s realistic solutions to everyday mountain shooting situations were beyond anything I had ever thought of. I came with the idea that me and my equipment might not be up to the task as I am relatively new to this game. I came away with an excellent level of confidence in both my equipment and myself. Good shooting is a mental issue I believe and your school did everything it could to put us in positive situations with every opportunity to succeed and increase our confidence level. I don’t know how to thank you. I hope to put these lessons and confident approach to my shots to the test at the end of the month in the NWT on my sheep hunt.

Update: I got ‘er done! Used Rob’s tricks with a stuff sack for rear rest. Rock solid at 327 yards. Beautiful wild country. Larry Partridge 2015

From Mike Trenholm:

…a truly enjoyable and educational experience that can benefit any hunter. read all of Mike Trenholm’s article here…

R.J. Smith Testimonial:

Robb and Brenda,

Just a thanks for the great time at your camp for the shooting class. It is obvious you have studied these positions and support tools under hunting conditions. My confidence has been boosted to a higher level. I really feel I can be successful at ranges I never would have tried on a big game animal. Great camp, great crew and a great learning experience for me made for an enjoyable 3 days. Wishing you and crew all the best in this year’s hunting season and keep the pictures coming.

Thanks, R.J. Smith

Albert Castro Testimonial:

I wanted to say that I had the greatest time at the shooting class as it proved to be way better and more fun then I had hoped. It was everything that as a hunter I wanted You and all the guys are awesome and even though I haven’t even hunted with you yet I am already wishing I had done it much sooner. Next year won’t come fast enough which can be a good thing since I learned so many things I can work on to improve my chances of doing my part of the job next year. (Albert has a hunt booked with NTO for 2016) Albert Castro 2015

From Kyle Lamb:

Robb Wiley has taken shooting instruction to the next level… teaches a no holds barred hunting course that puts you in realistic hunting scenarios. read all of Kyle Lamb’s Testimonial…

Travis C. Testimonial:

I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to Len, Andy and the NTO team for putting this class on. If you are undecided about this class please rest assured that there is great value in this course. You will walk away confident in your rifle with validated drop data for your ammo and some shooting positions that work in a variety of mountain terrain.

I’m from Wyoming and have hunted this region for many years and found this course to be a wealth of information. I learned shooting positions in difficult terrain that I would have never thought of when the moment presented itself. Rob Wiley has truly seen it all as an outfitter and knows what works based on experience. Jarred (NTO guide) is an ex military operator that brings a wealth of information to the table on basic marksmanship and proven shooting positions.

Other students in that class were also a source of great information and learning and I think the #1 cause of missed shots for myself & others seemed to be caused by forgetting to take your turret back to zero, forgetting to dial the dope after ranging the target or not realizing which revolution your turret was on – back to zero or 1 full revolution up from zero. Parallax adjustment was also a big factor especially beyond 500yds.
Great people and a lot of fun! Travis C. 2015

Non-Typical Shooting Classes 2015