How To Prevent Buck Fever

It is that time of year when hunters start dreaming of the season to come. We all start practicing our shooting and fine tuning our gear. As you are dreaming about the hunts to come, I have questions for you: Are you really ready for an opportunity at a once and a lifetime trophy Deer, Elk, Bear, Sheep, or Wolf? Are you ready for a shot at a 40 inch giant Mule Deer, 375 inch bull Elk or a 40 inch Ram? Have you ever experienced “Buck Fever?” If you say to yourself, “I think so”, or “maybe”, then my advice would be for you to consider doing something about it!

Buck Fever

When you see a giant like this, no matter how long you have dreamed about it, some things are going to happen that are out of your control; that you may not be prepared for. First, your pulse is going to quicken, then your fine motor skills are going to be impaired, followed by your ability to distinguish color, your vision will fade, tunnel vision will take over. You are going to have a full blown case of “buck fever.” Simple things you take for granted will become monumental tasks. You will second guess everything you think you have prepared for. This is the fundamental reason that 90 percent of trophy animals get killed by 10 percent of hunters. If you have not prepared for this moment in time and built a solid shooting system, averages say you’re going to miss.

This giant buck was missed by one of our hunters last season, two different times, possibly due to buck fever. Once was at 92 yards and the other was at 600 yards. The hunter is very accomplished. In hind sight, talking about the shot opportunities, he would have made them 85 percent of the time. Some simple mistakes cost him the dream buck of a lifetime. Mistakes that we cover in our shooting class every year. This same hunter is planning on attending our shooting classes this year and is wishing he would have come last summer!

At our classes we accomplish some important tasks. We find the limit for the distance that you can close the deal on a giant 100 percent of the time. We will also build your confidence and knowledge on shooting positions to be prepared for the shot, no matter what the giant or the mountain throws at you, close range or long range. Our class covers shots in realistic hunting scenarios with the added stress of elevation, wind and peer pressure.

In today’s world, very few instructors, or hunters for that matter, have been able to be involved in hunting 40-inch mule deer. When that trophy presents himself, you will want to have been trained by someone who has been there and has learned to operate successfully to make the dreams come true. Robb Wiley has been a part of hunting and harvesting 4 bucks, right at or just over 40″ wide. He knows how to help you get the skills and mindset that it will take to be successful.

Let Robb and the rest of the NTO crew help you get prepared for your once in a lifetime trophy opportunity. Learn to become one of the successful 10 percenters and do it NOW, before it is too late!

We have classes available from mid July through mid August. Check out our Shooting Classes page for this summer’s class schedule.

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