The Non-Typical Mule Deer Named Magnum

Non-Typical Mule Deer Named MagnumMagnum’s story began in early August 2011, on a scouting trip with a good friend. We were scouting an area that we hardly ever hunt. Out of the timber stepped a Wyoming giant. The buck was headed to water. He walked across an opening on a timbered ridge, in the open for only minutes. We could identify the cheaters, in-lines, drop tine, and of course, the MASS. In seconds his name came to mind, “MAGNUM,” the non-typical mule deer.

As fast as he appeared, he disappeared even faster. We had no idea if this was going to be our only encounter with this giant or if he would show up again. For two more days we searched the mountain side with no luck. It was about a week and half later when I returned on a solo scouting trip for another chance at locating this hammer buck. This was the day my dreams were realized.

I spent the evening 400 yards across the canyon from the most beautiful, non-typical mule deer I had ever laid eyes on. If I were to have sat with an artist to draw the perfect non-typical muley, it would have been Magnum. It was on this trip that I really got a taste of how elusive and secretive this giant was. He would hardly come into the open at all. Magnum would stand and scan the opposite ridge for danger constantly. He spent a lot of time frozen, looking for danger.

During this trip, I really got a feel for his size as well. The cheater with a cheater complex was huge and heavy, the inlines blades and extras were MASSIVE. “What a gift,” I kept thinking. This was a special moment to say the least. Admittedly, a tear came to my eye as I sat in true amazement. I took pictures and video for the rest of the evening and simply enjoyed the moment and paid my respects. From this trip on I knew we had a chance to hunt a Wyoming legend.

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