The Consummate Shooting Instructor: Robb Wiley

Robb WileyIn the world of hunting and shooting instructors, there are many that teach the fallacy of the flat range, which causes anxiety when you finally head to the mountains to hunt. Nationally known Mule Deer Outfitter and addicted predator hunter, Robb Wiley, has taken shooting instruction to the next level. Robb teaches a no-holds-barred hunting course that puts you in realistic hunting scenarios with the added stress of elevation, wind reading, and peer pressure.

When Robb’s class is finished, you will have accomplished two important tasks:

  • First being the ability to know your limits and at which distance you can close the deal 100% of the time.
  • Second, Robb will build your confidence for arriving at hunting camp aware of what to expect.

When you spend your hard earned money on a guided hunt, or even more importantly, you have worked and planned for your Do-It-Yourself hunt and finally have an animal in your sights, he will give you the tools to make it happen.

Robb Wiley is a consummate professional who is motivated to push you to limits you never thought possible. He is constantly striving to find the best gear for the task at hand and can help you to select the products that will make your shot count. Not only is Robb an expert with hunting firearms, Robb has trained many Special Operations teams within the military and Law Enforcement to use pack animals for infiltration. Robb is a down to earth man of the mountains, he has guided in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. He spends year-round in the pursuit of the wilds of Wyoming and Idaho for trophy Mule Deer and Elk as well as the constant chase of Coyotes and Wolves.

I am proud to say, Robb Wiley was my shooting instructor. Click HERE to find out how you can make Robb Wiley your shooting instructor.

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