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A Clean Miss Can Be High Adventure

Ron's High AdventureTo hunt bears or not to hunt bears? That’s a question I’ve pondered for many years. I’ve backpacked and hunted the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges in my home state of Washington since I was a Boy Scout. After a handful of encounters in some very majestic places, bears took on a special, almost sacred significance to me. For many years I chose not to actively pursue bears and focused my efforts on deer, elk and turkeys. Up until then, that was my idea of high adventure. Then, during a 2015 spring (more…)

Spring Black Bear Hunt of 2014

Bear Hunting Season 2014In our 2014 spring black bear hunting season we took two bears that were 6 1/2 feet squared. One of them was black, which is rare in our area. We have not taken a bear that was black in color since 2008. Most of our bears are color phase. We had a rash of misses for 2013 including some that were bigger than the ones killed. We only had one hunter that did not have a legitimate shooting opportunity at a trophy bear. We located a super cruiser, giant, color phase bear (more…)