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Robb & Brenda Wiley, of Non-Typical OutfittersRobb and Dr. Brenda Wiley along with their daughters, Aspen and Autumn, make their home in one of the most beautiful places that God ever created, the mountains of western Wyoming. As born-again Christians and followers of Jesus Christ we prioritize our life: God, Family, and then Business, Non-Typical Outfitters.

Brenda is a veterinarian, helps with the outfitting business and is a full time mom. Robb and Dr. Brenda both live their passion, providing your hunting and outdoor opportunities in the Wyoming high country. Here at Non-Typical Outfitters we specialize in trophy Mule Deer Hunting, trophy Elk Hunting, trophy Antelope Hunting, trophy Sheep Hunting, and trophy Black Bear Hunting.

A Clean Miss Can Be High Adventure
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We feel that Non-Typical Outfitters has the ability to provide you with an unmatched opportunity for trophy hunting in Wyoming and here is why:

    Robb and the kids

  • Robb is not only a phenomenal outfitter, he is a full-time, year round hunter and true man of the mountains. He spends about 300 days a year in the mountains that he calls home. When he is not scouting, guiding or hunting big game, he is hunting and trapping predators through the winter. Robb is both professionally and personally passionate about making your hunt successful and rewarding.
  • Daughter #1

  • Preseason scouting begins as early as November and does not end until September. It is extremely crucial to your success. Robb spends an extraordinary amount of time locating trophy animals, understanding migration routes, weather patterns, and building trails into new hunting areas in order to achieve success for your hunt. Check out our Scouting Gallery.
  • Daughter #2

  • One factor that plays a gigantic role in our success is our ability to set up our hunters for the perfect shot. One of the limiting factors to taking these trophy animals home, is our hunters’ ability to connect on their shots in rough terrain and in a short amount of time. Our staff is well versed at setting up each shot for the maximum chance of success. We are continually working with the best shooters and gun makers in the country to maximize our abilities, that we can then pass on to you. We are now offering shooting classes. This class could be your most important step to a successful hunt. Check out our Shooting Page for more information.
  • Brenda & Robb

  • Non-Typical Outfitters is the most diversified permitted outfitter in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Our hunting area encompasses over 900 square miles of National Forest and close to double that in BLM lands. This gives us the ability to tailor a hunt to almost anyone’s needs and desires. It also enables us to not over pressure any part of our hunting area.
  • Robb & Brenda

  • Quality guides are another huge component to a successful hunt. Robb and Dr. Brenda work hard to hire only top notch guides. As Robb knows, guiding requires more than just a passion for the hunt. Being a hunting guide also requires intimate knowledge of the animals and their habits. At Non-Typical Outfitters our guides have the passion and perseverance to hunt everyday and all season in order to find you the best trophy animal possible. Without question, we have the best guide staff around and we pay the highest wages in the industry. See and learn more about our Crew & Country.
  • Our hunting could not be accomplished without the help of seasoned mountain horses which is why Robb and Dr. Brenda personally own over twenty-five head. Our horses are developed and refined to become the best mountain horses to have the endurance and temperament to facilitate your hunt. Bottom line – these horses know how to stand on the side of a mountain and will take you places that you didn’t think possible.

Here at Non-Typical Outfitters, our attention to detail, untamed Wyoming wilderness, pure passion for trophy hunts, and dedication to your personal success separates us from all other outfitters. We encourage you to check out our website and see our proven track record of successful hunts from year to year!